What’s Disneyland Up To?

Everyone is talking about Disney’s $4.05 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm. I’m not going to talk about that; you can read all about that here. But I will say that after I got over the initial shock I thought “What if Star Wars got it’s own theme park or section at Disneyland??” Then my friend showed me an article about Tomorrowland making some changes. The conversation went like this.

Josh: You hear about the plans they have for tomorrowland???

Me: No….hit me
Josh: My cousin that works there said they have plans to turn the innovation (whatever the place with the robots is called) area into an iron man attraction. I’m guessing basically into the area with all his suits and everything. If that’s true, that would be soooooo sick.

Me: WHAT!?

And there you go. How crazy would that be? Can you imagine how packed Tomorrowland will be? What about other character/themed attractions? What about a whole comic area (shop included) like Universal Studios?? So many questions. Anyway, it’s just a rumor.

Here’s the brief article that’s the cause of these speculations.

Stay Classy!

Photo Credit: Superherostuff.com and Marvel.com